Activities meet the needs

The teaching and research carried out in the programme serve the shared needs of the affiliated universities. Activities are planned to avoid overlaps with existing curricula. The programme activities will supplement the research and postgraduate education carried out at the partner institutions, with which the programme will encourage close cooperation. From the outset of their studies, doctoral students will be involved in determining the themes and implementation of teaching and research.

Work seminar, theme seminar and the open seminar

The doctoral programme runs on a term schedule (eight terms in total). Each term, one of the partner universities hosts the programme. Students will be responsible, together with members of the steering committee and the coordinator, for the implementation of teaching and research.

The programme for each term is structurally similar and consists of three stages:

Research seminar

Students present their research projects and receive feedback. The study plans that students draft for the doctoral programme must follow the seminar timetable. The research seminar is organised over two or three days in January and August. Each student is expected to present his or her progress during the seminar.

Theme seminar

Students work together on a jointly agreed issue or phenomenon related to the programme objectives. Each student addresses the topic from his or her own research and goals. The open seminar (see below) is prepared. The theme seminar is organised in March and October each year.

Open seminar

The open seminar is a shared research opportunity for all the affiliated art universities. The topic is the same as that of the theme seminar. Open seminars may be arranged together with Swedish and Norwegian doctoral programmes. The open seminar is organised over approximately two days in May and November/December each year.

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